Pricing Strategies for Ebooks – Ebook Publishing

I think pricing your ebook is one of the toughest decisions an author has to make. What price point makes sense and why would any one consider “free” as an option?

Pricing Strategies for Ebooks – Ebook Publishing.


One comment on “Pricing Strategies for Ebooks – Ebook Publishing

  1. The only benefit that I can see to pricing a book at free is if it is a first in a series, as a way to prompt sales of other books in the series. If someone has a limited amount of titles available to sell there isn’t really a benefit. You are only taking money out of your own pocket. As for pricing, it would depend on length and genre. I did a lot of looking at what else was out there in the category before deciding the price, and even then I ended adjusting it a couple of different times. It’s hard to say what is a just and fair price that will attract readers. The founder of Smashwords did a great blog post on pricing and he talks about when an author under prices their book it can give the buyer a wrong impression of the book. You might want to look up the article on the Smashwords site. It’s worth the read.

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