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Mark on Gettysburg Battlefield

Mark on Gettysburg Battlefield


I started out, back in the 1970s, as a National Park Service Ranger/Historian in Gettysburg, PA. I knew that I wanted to be a writer, so after five years with the NPS, I got the crazy idea that I should start my own research and writing company. Thus began Interpretive Enterprises. I spent several years as a freelance writer and wondering if I had lost my mind.

My first book was a children’s book: The Little Drummer Boy. It won an award and boosted my confidence. I had been collecting ghost stories of the Gettysburg area since I first arrived, so I decided to approach a local publisher to see if they’d be interested in a book about the Ghosts of Gettysburg. The first ghost book came out in 1991. Since then, I have written fifteen books, covering topics of historical interest, as well as the paranormal. My stories have been seen on The History Channel, A&E, The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, and numerous regional television shows and heard on Coast to Coast AM, and regional radio.

In 1994, the Borough of Gettysburg was looking for a way to bring people into downtown Gettysburg after dark. One of the members had just returned from a trip to Scotland where he had taken a ghost tour. He approached me about starting ghost tours in Gettysburg based on my books. The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours® sent out it’s first tour in June 1994. The tour company started out on a card table in the square. The next year I rented office space at the corner of Baltimore St. and Steinwehr Ave. Finally, in 1997, I purchased the current headquarters building at 271 Baltimore St.

In 2006, I expanded into Frederickburg, VA and started the Ghosts of Fredericksburg Tours.


6 comments on “About Me

  1. Pat, I’m afraid you have the wrong person. I’ve never been to the “Fleming Farm” in Clarksburg, PA. Thirty years ago I was collecting ghost stories, but I didn’t start conducting investigations until the late 1990s. Perhaps I’ll see you in Gettysburg in the future!
    Mark V. Nesbitt

  2. Thank you for your time. Yes, next time I am in Gettysburg I will go on your walk for sure. Are you aware of any other Nesbitt that does the same.
    A note from my cousin.
    “I remember Dad in the kitchen of the Fleming farm talking to Uncle Raymond about this young Nesbitt kid and wondering why Raymond was going to allow him to record in the house.
    Dad never put much faith in paranormal activities as such. Uncle Raymond explained that he witnessed some things in his time there that could not be explained and somebody talked to whoever and this guy’s name came up and arrangements made.
    I remember the night we were there but I did not meet the guy, I don’t even think he was coming by that night. It was set up for some other day when he could set things up and record over night or a few nights in a row.
    One of the things I remember about that night was your Dad asking my brother George if he played the trumpet, just out of the blue. When George answered yes, and asked what made him ask that. Your Dad replied he had been watching George’s fingers and the movements he made were like someone practicing a piece he would play on an instrument and he guessed a trumpet from the motions. I remembered that and thought, Wow this guy is smart and astute, I think I even knew what astute meant even then. He was someone to emulate. (I was thinking this would help narrow down the time frame, George always seemed to play the trumpet as long as I can remember though and went to college for music at IUP. But I still think it would have been about 1972-74 for some reason, just guessing)
    Now at some point in the future, the conversation came back to ghosts and what not at my house and I had asked about what ever happened to the taping at Uncle Raymond’s. It was Mom and probably the neighbor Nell Zimmerman, but it could also have been Mrs. Doyle which would have been more logical.
    Dad would have told Mom but not me as he didn’t want to put things in my head. Mom on the other hand was open and aware of the stuff that went on around the house.It was a dark and stormy night…Mom told us that during the recording in the parlor, there was a, I want to say Harpsichord, (I don’t know why, I thought that was something you held and stroked like a guitar,) it could have been a pump organ. I am not sure right now, maybe just a piano. I think there were only two people involved as I remember, it was somebody sitting and playing keys like an organ, there were shots or something and a scream from a lady, and a thump either from a body falling over or someone falling down steps, I think it was just one big thump after the scream.
    That was like one piece, nothing for hours before nothing for hours afterward.
    Another section of the same tape or on another tape of another night. There were the sounds of what was described as a civil war skirmish, there were muffled sounds of men yelling, running, volleys of musket type shots, and they got louder passed by and disappeared. On that tape there was a short time later a faint sound of a train whistle. Now figure that one out.
    What was ever proved, documented or guessed at I don’t remember. Was there ever civil war activity in that area? Not a major battle like Gettysburg but like a squad chasing another small group?”
    My nephew does not like the parlor to this day and he is 20 years old.
    How would we go about having someone come? And what would the cost be?
    I am sorry to bother you.
    Pat Fleming Frey

  3. Mark-I just met Kathi Schue! She came to my house through a neighbor girlfriend–we all are planning a trip (tour) of the Lady Daniel Farm! I can’t wait–hopefully this wkend…before she returns to Florida-would love to meet u also..my 23 year old son is a writer also (right now freelancing).

  4. While visiting the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park I took some amateur video that I believe shows paranormal phenomena (a blue floating ghost orb). I was standing near the Virginia Monument taking a video picture on my Apple cell phone, and at the time my cell phone was “acting up” a bit, but I was able to take three video pictures of the monument depicting General R.E. Lee on his horse. I did not think anything of the event, and went about completing the remainder of the tour. But a few hours later, while sitting down to eat my dinner at a local diner, I pulled out my cell phone to review the pictures that I had taken while on the tour. To my surprise and astonishment, three of the video pictures (short moving pictures) showed a small blue-colored orb floating around in the bottom right-hand corner of the video. The orb seems to float around in a random fashion, with no clear symmetrical pattern. And in one of the video pictures you can hear a sound (EVP) that appears to be the word “help” being uttered. Would you be interested in reviewing the video, and if you have the time and are so inclined, to give me your professional opinion as to whether or not the video truly does capture a ghostly orb? Melinda Swalin (Carroll Township, PA).

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