Bedford Springs Resort

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A good time was had by all at our “Spirit Quest Weekend” January 11-13, 2013, at the Bedford Springs Resort. The Resort lived up to all of our expectations: amazing ambiance, comfortable rooms, good food, and plenty of ghostly activity!

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Photos from the January 2013 Bedford Springs Spirit Quest Weekend:

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EVP from our preliminary investigation and the January 2013 Spirit Quest Weekend:

EVP collected at the Bedford Tavern during the January 2013 Spirit Quest Weekend:

The Bedford Springs Resort is the perfect blend of the past and the present. Native Americans used the mineral springs for curative purposes and in the late 1700’s they shared the powers of the springs with a doctor named John Anderson. In 1796, Dr. Anderson purchased the 2,200-acre property. He built The Stone Inn in 1806 to house the many visitors who came for the various mineral springs. As the popularity of the site grew, Dr. Anderson continued to add more buildings. In 1984 the resort was designated a National Historic Landmark. Two years later, in 1986, the resort closed. In 2004, the new owners began the work to restore the property. The restoration was completed in 2007 and the resort was returned to its original splendor.

We also conducted investigations at The Bedford Tavern(featured on My Ghost Story) and The Historic Bedford Village. Dinner at  The Jean Bonnet Tavern(featured on My Ghost Story) was a perfect ending to a long day of investigations, plus, according to our guests, they had a wonderful hand scrub in the restroom. (Rumor has it that several jars were purchased in the gift shop!)

On a side note, Patty Wilson and her group of investigators where allowed to conduct an investigation of the property during the time that it was closed and prior to the start of the restoration. She has hundreds of photographs. Interestingly, we ran into some of the same spirits on our visits in November and January that she had encountered during her original investigation!


3 comments on “Bedford Springs Resort

  1. Just an FYI – the Tavern featured in My Ghost Story is actually the Bedford Tavern – located on Pitt Street in downtown Bedford. The Tavern at the Bedford Springs is the Frontier Tavern and was not featured on the ghost story. Hope this helps. Thank you.

  2. My aunt and uncle stayed at Bedford springs this past October in the Springs Eternal House. As they were looking through the hallways and around their room, something kept catching her eye. She looked at one of the photos and one of the girls in the photos has an extremely striking resemblance to me. I don’t know her name or family name but it is almost unbelievable. Later that night they left for dinner and when they came back there were two pillows on the floor and the television was turned on (neither of these things we like this when they left). I am wondering if you can give me any further information. Thanks!

    • The Bedford Springs Resort has a long history and many have passed through it’s doors. The events that your parents experienced are not surprising. Based on our investigations, the resort has its share of ghosts many of whom worked at the resort in various capacities. If your parents checked with housekeeping, since the resort does have a turn-down service, to verify that no-one had been in their room, then they just might have been visited by an unseen guest!

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