Marketing Approach: Funnel or Circle?

Karon Thackston discusses the idea of authors creating a marketing circle rather than the traditional funnel approach. I have to agree that keeping my readers informed and engaged is a top priority, but easier said than done!


An Industry Pining for Bookstores | The Scholarly Kitchen

As brick and mortar book stores disappear, how does one “discover” new titles? Once discovered, what motivates the consumer to choose print or digital? Can we really blame Amazon, or are they just at the right place at the right time?

I do have to disagree with one of Mr. Esposito’s conclusions: I write because I have to and would do so even if my books didn’t generate any revenue!

An Industry Pining for Bookstores | The Scholarly Kitchen.

The Future of DIY E-book Publishing/Publishing Perspectives

Mark and I own a small publishing company, Second Chance Publications, which we created in 2003 to handle the books that he has authored. Last year we added e-publishing or DIY. When I run across articles about publishing that I find interesting, I will share!

Booktango and the Future of DIY E-book Publishing | Publishing Perspectives.