A Teenager’s Advice for Every Marketer?

Chase Dittmer proves that the most experienced may not have the best insight. As a small business owner and writer, my challenge is how to expand my customer base to include the younger generations. Mr. Dittmer offers interesting insights into how to market using the various social media outlets. I’ve considered the demographics, but he points out that there are prime times as well. Hate to admit it, but I never gave that fact much thought!

A Teenager’s Advice for Every Marketer | LinkedIn.


Marketing Approach: Funnel or Circle?

Karon Thackston discusses the idea of authors creating a marketing circle rather than the traditional funnel approach. I have to agree that keeping my readers informed and engaged is a top priority, but easier said than done!

How the Best – Top 100 Global Brands use YouTube for Marketing

YouTube is an area of social media that I find the most challenging: when to use it, how to use it, and what level of professional videography is required? According to this article by Chris Atkinson, I may have been over thinking it!

How the Best – Top 100 Global Brands use YouTube for Marketing.