Civil War Ghost Trails

Civil War Ghost Trails by Mark Nesbitt

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Civil War Ghost Trails examines the major engagements of the Civil War and their connections to the paranormal world. The history of each battlefield is followed by the classic ghost stories that have been around since the guns fell silent. Then I collected the newer stories. I attempted a paranormal investigation at many of the sites to see what we could find. In some cases, the results were astounding.

Some of the spirits included in the book are the Headless Zouave at Bull Run, the Drummer Boy at Shiloh, and the Phantom Battalion at Gettysburg. Ghosts appear at the Bloody Lane at Antietam and Caroline Street in Fredericksburg, as well as sites at Chancellorsville, Vicksburg, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Petersburg, and Appomattox Court House. A special section of the book explores the haunted Civil War prisons at Johnson’s Island in Ohio, Point Lookout in Maryland, and Andersonville in Georgia. Abraham Lincoln’s many White House apparitions are discussed in a section on wartime Washington, D.C.

EVP from the Pennsylvania and Virginia Battlefields that I investigated: Gettysburg, Manassas, Spotsylvania and Wilderness

EVP from the Tennessee Battlefields that I investigated: Chattanooga, Franklin and Shiloh

EVP from the Georgia Battlefields that I investigated: Andersonville Prison, Ft. McAllister, and Kennesaw


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